Apparel designed with our affinity in mind.  (I am) (you) and (you are) (me), we carved our initials on the space-time-continuum tree. Born of Infinity is the dream of everything and nothing, simultaneously, an exploration of our perpetual unfolding, symbolically. Our mission is to bridge dimensions with soul intention and ride the spiral of authenticity. Answer the call, trust truth and cultivate your inner vibe.        

About Us

Asa Indigo Wilder


Thank you for supporting my art. I am also willing to do custom work and can likely accommodate getting a particular design on your apparel of choice. Trades are also welcome. Please follow me on Instagram @bornofinfinity. 

I offer you my heart-song as an expression of our union. May we synthesize the paradox and surrender to the aspirations of our soul intention. May we all awaken the true potential within. Many blessings to you on this journey. 

xo - Asa